Villa Vence is close to over 12 Golf courses within 18-40 km distance, 2 golf courses within a 1 ½ hour drive.

The villa is ideal to house several Golf "couple" and families. There can be 7 coupels - then it accually is cheap. If somebody in the family don't like golf there is a lot of different other things - walking, biking, beach, cafés or goes to market.
Particularly April-May + September-October months are good golf periods in the area where the weather is nice without being "too" hot. Average day temperature is between 20 and
25 degrees. And then there is space on the runways!

The following descriptions provides insight into the various golf courses in the area.

On the website: www.rivieragolfer.com you can view detailed descriptions and pictures of all the golf courses.


Golf course of Opio-Valbonne – 27 km
Tel : Fax :
Route de Roquefort, château de la Bégude 06560 Valbonne:

Opened in 1963, the Opio-Valbonne is an 18 hole course of 5 900 meters, par 72. Its romantic setting will enchant you in autumn. It is totally surrounded by an oak forest that is very pleasant because it is cool in summer. 50 Practice areas are available. Handicap M and L 35.


Golf of Cannes-Mandelieu – 36 km
Tel : Fax :
Route du golf, 06210 Mandelieu-la Napoule :

Inaugurated in 1891, it is the oldest course on the coast. A very beautiful course dotted with umbrella pines above the Siagne River. During the course of a game, you will even have the opportunity to take a short boat ride, which can prove to be very amusing. This is an 18 hole course of 5 676 meters, par 71, complete with a 9 hole course of 2 409 meters, par 33. There are 30 practice areas. The handicap certificate is not essential


Golf Country Club Cannes-Mougins – 24 km
Tel : Fax :
175, avenue du Golf, 06250 Mougins :

Since 1976, this is without a doubt one of the most famous courses in the region but also the most difficult to access. One really has to be rich to have the opportunity to play this 18 hole course. This is the work of the architects Dye and Allis, a 6 263 meter course with its bunkers and water holes, par 72. The setting is very green, because it is found in the heart of the Valmasque Park. 20 Practice areas are available. The handicap is necessary: M 24, L 28.


Golf de la Grande Bastide – 28 km
Tel :
Chemin des Picholines, 06740 Châteauneuf de Grasse :

An 18 hole course of 6 105 meters, par 72. The work of Cabell Robinson. Opened in 1990, this is a very tranquil site. 8 Practice areas. Handicap: M and L 35.


Grasse Country Club – 33 km
Tel : Fax :
Route des trois ponts, 06130 Grasse :

Overhanging Grasse and more so the Bay of Cannes, the Grasse Country Club is situated on an old 17th century hunting estate. This location, at an altitude of 600 meters has magnificient mountain and sea views. This is an 18 hole course of 6 021 meters, par 72. For training, 32 practice post are available. The handicap is not required.


Golf of Isola 2000 – 85 km
Tel :
06420 Isola 2000 :

With its highest point at 2 000 meters, it is the highest golf course in Europe since 1993. Nothing but this bit of information makes one want to try out the course. The course is open from June to September. This 18 hole course of 5 065 meters was designed by Jean Garaialde who knew how to make the course adaptable to all levels of players. The handicap is not required. 15 Practice areas are available.


Golf of Monte-Carlo – 39 km
Tel : Fax :
Route du Mont Agel, 06320 La Turbie :

This golf course found at an altitude of 810 meters, is known to the monégasque. An area that is often submerged in a cloud of mist which is a classic phenomen over the principality, which is enough to add a bit of excitement when looking for a ball. This par 71 of 5 679 meters exists since 1911 and remains a real institution. It has a remarkable view over the ocean. Handicap M and L 32, with 14 practice areas.

Golf de Biot – 18 km
Tel :
La bastide du Roy, 06410 Biot :

Open since 1930, this 18 hole course of 5 064 meters, par 70, is one of the easiest course in the region. Although it is divided in two by a fairly busy road, the setting is fairly pleasant even although the course is fairly bare. 30 Practice areas are also available.


Royal Mougins Golf Club – 26 km
Tel : Fax :
424, avenue du Roi, 06250 Mougins :

Behind this prestigious name, a beautiful golf course set in the heart of the commune of Mougins is found. This is the work of Robert Van Hagge dating back to 1993. A real challenge awaits you on its 6 004 meters, par 71, surrounded by many luxury villas. The handicap reaches 35 M and L.


Riviera Golf Club – 33 km
Tel : Fax :
Avenue des Amazones, 06210 Mandelieu :

Built during the 1990s, the Riviera Golf Club is a real jewel designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior. Its fairways will make you quiver when its time to putt. This is a par 72 of 5 736 meters, handicap required (M and L 35). 25 practice areas.


Golf of Saint Donnat – 31 km
Tel :
270, route de Cannes, 06130 Plan-de-Grasse :

From the clubhouse, the whole site can be seen at a glance, with its stone walls and olive trees. The layout of this par 71 of 6 342 meters is the work of Robert Trent Jones Junior. There is also 30 practice post and a compact 9 hole course. The handicap goes up to M 30 and L 35.


Victoria Golf Club – 27 km
Tel : Fax :
06560 Valbonne :

This 9 hole course is stretched out around a pretty country house, that is in fact the club-house. A real tranquil setting protected from the hustle and bustle of the Martin Valley, even although it is only a few kilometers from the technopolis of Sophia Antipolis. The handicap is required (M and L 35) for this par 34 of 2 340 meters that is quite technical. 35 Practice post are available.


Golf of Vievola – 103 km
Tel :
Hameau de Vievola, 06430 Tende :

A game of golf in Vievola, does that tempt you? Well, this 9 hole course is just right. Opened in 1978, this course provides you with fresh air and an alpine environment at an altitude of 1 000 meters. Don’t forget your licence: the handicap 36 is required. A par 32 over 2 008 meters with 14 practice posts. 

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